Pittsburgh an Elite Race City

Last weekend was the EQT 10 Miler – I have participated in this race every since since the inaugural run. It’s the perfect distance, perfect scenery and always the perfect day.


I freak out every year when the event sends out their race day warning for hypothermia and to dress accordingly. Every year I bundle up and regret it around mile 3 because I’m sweating.  One thing I absolutely need to remember for next year is to dress accordingly and not let the “white flag” warning scare me into over layering my clothes.

Each race I do I try to take something away from it, because let’s face is everything in life can be taken as a lesson if you just look at it the right way. This time around I tempted fate and tried running a distance race only taping my hips not my knees – MISTAKE! Almost every article you read with race tips tells you no to deviate from your typical race day plan and this one will be no different. Whatever you do – DO NOT DEVIATE FROM YOUR TYPICAL RACE DAY PLAN! 

Now that that’s out in the open, this race opened my eyes to three things that I will most certainly learn from.


Third times a charm – now it should stick

2 – Pittsburgh is an EXTREMELY competitive city

I was super proud of my time of 1:44:33 – incredible proud even. Then I scanned my QR reader code and got the results I was no where near close to finishing above half of the race participants. Something I strive for and typically reach.


Runners from all over come to compete here in Pittsburgh and clearly us Pittsburgher’s are absolutely right there competing with them! It makes me proud now that I’m done being discouraged to say that I’m running with some of the best out there!

3- Alex is a BEAST!

Every since Battle Frog I knew this tiny one was a powerhouse but the way she always powers through a race despite her knee pain amazes me know that I have experienced a twinge of it.

Around mile 5 while crossing one of the many bridges we have in this lovely city I started getting an odd shooting pain up my knee. This is something Alex experiences almost every time she runs and she beast modes through. I’m woman enough to admit that this feeling of pain almost sidelined me. I didn’t think there was anyway I could continue 5 more miles feeling like this. Until she advised me to adjust the way I was running and do my best to avoid whatever motion was causing me pain.


As always once you tackle a big accomplishment make sure you reward yourself. Our reward every year after this race is $1 mimosas at the Rivers Casino buffet. You’re welcome for the tip for next year!

So until next year EQT 10 Miler – it’s been a blast looking forward to doing it again!



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