Everyone’s Support System is Different

My family doesn’t understand why I’m willing to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to go run 13.1 miles, and as much as it pains me they have never seen me cross the finish line of any of my races. They don’t understand why I love it and why it’s such a rush for me. I think the part that hurts me the most is why they don’t understand why I want them at the finish line and how much it would mean to me knowing they are they supporting me.

It does hurt my feelings that they have never seen me finish a race and it sometimes hurts even more when they make excuses why they can’t be there (which most are bogus). But then it’s the little things that they do that shows their support. Like when I’m running and right as I hit mile 9 and want to stop I get this message from my dad.


It’s like we were connected and he knew I was struggling. From that point on I powered through and went on to PR this race!

However I’m convinced one day my parents will finally understand and appreciate my love for the run. Until then I have to think of other ways to express my excitement.

In my attempt to convert my family to my crazy addiction and to help them understand the feeling of accomplishment crossing that finish line I asked them for my birthday if they would all do a 5K with me. Shockingly they all agreed.


Look at this crew right here

Yes my father is wearing jean shorts to Walk a 5K … no he wouldn’t listen to my please to change.

My brother is a freak of nature and after not running for a few years finished in under 25 minutes, followed by me, his girlfriend and Alex. Finally we had my parents bringing up the rear.


Look how cute they are! Crossing that finish line like the champions they are.

Would they do it again? Probably but they didn’t say that right away. I’m very proud to announce that since this 5K it has motivated my parents to start walking again. My mom goes to the gym in the morning and is starting back my walking a half an hour. Almost daily my parents go to the beach where they walk about 4 miles.

Super proud of them for getting back into it and who knows maybe one day they will even run and finally understand why I’m hooked! Once they catch their first runners high – it will be game over!



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