We Run This Beach

Who doesn’t love a good “racecation”? No one great! Everyone should definitely put the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon on their race bucket list. No, like seriously right now, go ahead I’ll wait ….

Now that you’re back and your trip is booked to South Carolina next year let me give you a little preview of what to expect while you’re there.

I as most people know have a love/hate relationship with running. When it’s time to train I’m normally falling more towards the hate side of running and on race morning I’m really pushing it to the LOATHE portion of the spectrum. But then it happens the gun goes off and it’s just you, your fellow runners, the open road (aka the blocked off streets) and wonderful scenery you typically drive right past with out even noticing. Right about when you see the sun starting to rise over the horizon, at least for me, is where I remember what I LOVE about running.

Any chance I have to turn a race into a challenge I take it – in my attempt to prep for Dopey 5K Saturday and half marathon Sunday – sure why not!  I love celebrating my birthday with a race and this one was awesome.

It’s a fast flat course, being from Pittsburgh I had to laugh at the runners that were complaining about “the huge hill” at mile 7. Spoiler alert – it’s an overpass ramp. I told my friend Alex that we would stick together … that was until I realized I was on pace to PR around mile 9. We split for a little bit she rested her knee but was never too far behind me.

This race boasts 5 miles of ocean front running and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ll admit I was nervous after Hurricane Matthew what the course would look like or if it would even have to be moved or altered. Everything was perfect! The weather was chilly for South Carolina but perfect for any runner, no humidity what so ever. The scenery was beautiful, beach houses to the ocean and finishing on the boardwalk. Ya can’t beat it!

My only complaint about the whole experience was the lack of organization, location and lack of merchandise at the expo. Hopefully that will change in future years.

Happy Birthday to me – this race came with an amazing GPS watch from my parents (which I’m obsessed with BTW – stay tuned for another post about that later) AND a new PR of 2:20:04 ❤

PS How amazing are these YINZER pants?!?! I’m pretty sure this is where I got my PR power from!



Who doesn’t love a good celebration with the Ripley’s believe it or not Aquarium when you medal matches the animals there


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