Run Like Lord Stanely’s at the Finish Line

This year was my fourth year running the Lemieux 6.6k and this year I found my motivation to sprint up that hill to the finish line was the greatest it had ever been. Probably because I knew there was a giant, shiny cup waiting for me to take the most epic “runfie” (as my friend Aubrey likes to call them) EVER!

Photobombed by the Stanley Cup >>>>>>> ANYTHING 

See what I mean? How can you not be happy when you have not only the legendary Mario Lemieux giving you a high five across the finish line but Lord Stanley himself stops by to say hello!

As most of you know I’m training for my first full marathon and not just a full but the Stanley Cup of fulls the Dopey Challenge. My job requires me to work weekends in the month of September and October so 4AM wake up calls and extra 8 hour works days makes better for a Saturday nap than a long run. So my training has been a little lacking on the distance side to say the least. BUT this was one of the last weekends I have to work so I should be good to go from here and the updates will be flowing through my keyboard to you lovely people.

I couldn’t have survived this weekend with out a few people, mainly my family mad props to them flying up here from South Carolina right after Hurricane Matthew to help me out with my work event Saturday. Shout out to the amazing ladies in my running group, Keep Calm & Run On and finally to my amazing friends who are the definition of #SquadGoals

Only a few of my Keep Calm & Run On crew

This race is one of my favorites the course is AMAZING not one but TWO bridges and a tunnel add the Pittsburgh skyline views to that – ya just can’t beat it! Plus the funds raised go to an amazing cause. Most of you are familiar with my experience of losing my Grandmother to cancer so I run this for her every year, she is with me every step I know it!


Not my best time running this but it’s not always about your time, it’s about the experience and mine was nothing short of something worthy of a championship ring. But the true winners here are my friends who make races like these the wonderful experiences I look forward to.

I’ve got a really big team … we need some really big rings 

This year’s race taught me to relax and enjoy the moment, not to always focus on your time or improving but to spend the morning soaking it all in with the people who mean the most.

Can’t wait to be Dopey with this crew

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