I Must Be Dopey

Today was registration day for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. I have made it my goal to take on the Dopey Challenge this year. It’s a 5k, 10k, half and full marathon over four days for those of you who aren’t familiar. This will be my fourth RunDisney race – if you have never experienced a RunDisney race the most stressful part about it isn’t the race itself or even training but registration day! Let me walk you through this process ….AHEM

Registration opens at Noon, sometimes a few minutes earlier and from past experiences I have learned it is better be be early rather than later! This process is so stressful that I had nightmares about it last night and anxiety all day long. I sat at my computer refreshing my screen every few seconds hoping that the registration tab would open early and I could get in.


I was in a group text with the other three girls I plan on running with all experiencing the same emotion of nerves and excitement – I felt like I could cry and throw up at the same time and that would have been socially acceptable.

Finally registration opened and I hit that button faster than if I was a contestant on the Family Feud ringing in for that top answer. Much to my dismay it wasn’t fast enough because I was stuck in a que, waiting, freaking out that if I refreshed my screen it would lose my place. Alas I survived and made it to the actual registration page.

I quickly submitted my information ordered my comemorative pin and finished my registration. Trust me, on registration day there is no greater feeling than seeing this magical confirmation screen.


Luckily everyone I plan on running with got in and we are all ready to go but this whole process had me thinking I really must be 100% Dopey.

  • I just sat in front of my computer screen refreshing a page for damn near a half an hour hoping it would open early
  • Paid around $600 to run four races in four days
  • Stressed myself out the night before losing sleep over not making the registration cuts
  • Put my life on hold fromt he window of 11:45 – Noon today
  • Andn to top it all off … I actually ENJOYED it and I’m EXCITED?!?!

Oh yeah I’m Dopey alright but if my love for Disney and a challenge makes me Dope so be it!

How does one celebrate signing up for a RunDisney race you may ask? By going for a lunch time run in her Glass Slipper Challenge tank top of course!



This will be my first marathon and probably my only so I’m making it count and the most memorable I can.  I’ll keep you all updated on my progress and training here so feel free to follow along on my magical journey to the 26.2, well 48.6 with me!

Bring it on Dopey I’m coming for ya!



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