The Perks Of Work

It has been about two months since I started my new job working downtown. I love everything about working downtown from the people I see, a variety of options for lunch and being so close to everything. I even bought a new gym membership so I can work out on my lunch break or before heading out for a night on the town with out having to drive anywhere! I am truly spoiled.

I am a creature of habit as are most people  but getting into that habit can be a little tricky. I have been nervous to try to run during my lunch break not sure what the best process would be. Today I figured it out and it was a HUGE success!



As part of my The Longest Day team I created for work I will be logging every run I do from now until June 20th I will log with my Charity Miles app and then ask my friends and family to match what Charity Miles have donated to my The Longest Day Team.


And the best part is my Milestone Pod tracks everything for my from the time of my run to the distance with out me having to use data from my phone.


All in all I think today was a great starting to point to making every effort that I can to stay fit and active with this new job because so help me this will not be me at the beach this year …


Come on you know I couldn’t get through a post with out at least one Disney reference 😉




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