Learn From Every Experience

Another Half Marathon is in the books, in the three almost four years I’ve been running I have done seven half marathons. Well 6.5 since the Wine and Dine didn’t really count as a full one. This one might have been one of my favorites.

The Sarasota First Watch Half Marathon was awesome from start to finish. The only downside being I popped my hip out around mile 6 and my time was all downhill from there. For those of who following along my new schedule made it hard to get a good run in but I was taking spinning 4 to 5 days a week so my endurance during the race was fine but the beating my body took was something it wasn’t ready for.

My time was just under 3 hours – one of my slowest races and behind my PR by about a half hour. This really disappointed me because early on I was on pace to PR staying well ahead of the 2:20 pacer until my hip had enough.


After mile 6 you can see my splits take a dive – shockingly running didn’t hurt my hip as much as walking did but sometimes a shooting pain in my hip would force me to walk for a little bit. But with every experience I try to learn something and one thing I learned was how important posture is while you’re running. I’ve ready about the importance of posture and always noticed when running that I look like that basset hound from that internet meem …


… yeah that’s the one. It wasn’t until this race that I noticed the importance of my posture and my ability to run. My hip wouldn’t hurt when I focused on standing up straight and running focusing on my posture it was when I let myself slack a little I would feel the pain and pressure it was putting on my hip.


I love that in most of my running pictures I’m smiling proving that no matter how bad I’m hurting it running does make me happy. Gotta love endorphins.


Other than my body not being ready for the pounding of the road the race itself was one of the best I have ever done. I like that it wasn’t a packed race, they capped it off pretty early and I think that was the best decision. I didn’t feel like cattle while in the start corral and at no point on the course did it bottle neck and you felt like you were stepping on people.
There was plenty to look at and Sarasota is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! The houses have such unique design and colors which make you want to uproot everything and move on down. There were plenty of water stations which as I being someone who drinks water like a fish, really appreciated. After the race there was so much delicious food, thanks to sponsor First Watch, best post race spread EVER! Fresh pancakes and yogurt, fresh fruit, bagels muffins you name it they had it! And let’s get real how AWESOME are these medals?!?!?


For the first time in a race I took advantage of the medical tents offered icing my hip as soon as I crossed the finish line, I can’t say enough about the wonderfully helpful staff who wrapped me up and sent me back on my way.
After the race needless to say I was sore but what better way to celebrate completing a half marathon than with a double rum and coke at a Pirate Spring Training game. Crossing that one off the bucket list!

Who can pass up a picture with this loveable guy?

Best mascot in the MLB for sure!

I spent a few days on the beach with not enough sun screen and got a little red … okay I got lobster red but, it went away before I went to the happiest place on earth.
C’mon you didn’t think I’d go all the way to Florida and not go to Disney did you? You clearly don’t know me if you did.


I’m well rested and ready to get back to training to give the Pittsburgh Half Marathon my all in May!


It’s currently snowing in Pittsburgh, so I am going to have to suck it up and layer up for runs outside to get ready. Mental note being focusing on my posture, I PRd last year in Pittsburgh and I’m hoping to do it again this year!


All it takes is a little faith, trust and pixie dust!


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