Making Adjustments

Change is inevitable, learning how to adapt to change takes lots of practice. Lots and lots of practice.  I have to adapt to a complete lifestyle change. Early mornings, working out at night and a new eating schedule. As I have said before people we are all creatures of habit. I get totally thrown through a loop when my routine has to shift around. The smallest change can completely engulf and effect the rest of my day.

I originally wanted to try to work out twice a day on my new schedule one quick 30 minute work out at home in the mornings and one longer more cardio based one at night. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that wasn’t happening I value that extra hour of sleep entirely too much.

Working out in the morning was beyond perfect for me. No crowds I could roll right out of bed with out doing my hair or make up, hell it was considered a HUGE win if my outfit somewhat matched.  All that has changed now, I walk into an overcrowded gym of people fighting over the closest parking space so they don’t have to walk to the door – that I will never understand – everyone is dressed to the nines all matching, hair up and make up done nicer than on my Friday night out.  But this little gem I found described what I was experiencing perfectly and made me literally LOL …..


Granted most people are coming from work and I am now one of those people I would make fun of with their hair and make up done – nothing special though.

After my spin class yesterday I decided to try to do my old lifting routine from when I worked out in the mornings – NOT HAPPENING . There are so many people in such a confined space it gives me some serious anxiety.  I felt super self conscious and pressured, while I know for a fact all eyes weren’t on me it sure felt that way and I totally dipped and left. It was super uncomfortable.

Not to mention it totally creeps me out how blatantly people check each other out.  Some people use the gym as the chance to find their SwoleMate … I am not one of those people. With that being said I have no problem with an occasional glace or mirror peep – I do it – you do it – we all do it – if you say you don’t check people out on occasion you are a liar liar pants on fire! I will draw the line at staring – that’s just creepy  no one needs that.

Basically my gym ….



BTW if you are on Instagram like working out and not following gym memes official … you’re doing it wrong!

Today I’ll try to overcome my HUGE newly realized phobia of people at the gym … wish me luck


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