Up Up and Away

So this has been my first week with my new work schedule. That’s right folks I’m now a 9 to 5 girl – well an 8:30 to 4:30 girl to be exact. I tried testing out some new work out schedules to see which one was going to fit me best.

To quote Thomas Edison “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 things that did not work.”

That in a nutshell sums up my attempts at working out this week. To top it all off with my new schedule comes a new eating schedule which my tummy is not a fan of. Anytime I eat anything even a little cutie my stomach blows up and makes me so uncomfortable. Not to mention it puts some serious dings in ones self esteem looking in the mirror and seeing what appears to look like a great white whale as your reflection. HELLO ABS I know you are in there somewhere if you would like to show yourself anytime now I greatly appreciate it!

ANYWAY …. Obviously I had some first day jitters and anxiety which made sleep almost impossible! When my alarm went off at 5:30 on Monday I thought it was some sick joke my roommate was playing on me, alas it was real life and I had to get up and get moving if I wanted to get a work out in.

I leave for Florida in two weeks and lets face it I want to be beach body ready… that might be asking for a little too much I’m slowly finding out.

I attempted to start the 21 Fix Extreme workouts this week to begin a new routine. After no sleep and an empty stomach I quickly found out that it was more important for me to listen to my body than to have a beach one. I got an extra hour of sleep and was ready for my first day. I decided to try my hand at a spinning class after work and it kicked my butt!

Dear Spinning Instructor,

If you are going to start your class by telling the new girl at the end of my row it will be one of the easiest classes she will ever take to ease her in, you better make sure it is an easy class! I bet all the money in my wallet right now (which is about 8 bucks – thank you increasing Turnpike tolls) that she will never come back to that class again.

You are an amazing instructor and extremely motivating and as you know this will be a compliment, your class is the farthest thing from easy! It was an hour of challenging hill climbing torture. My legs and butt thank you but the new girl you lied to probably not so much.

Stop lying to your class! Tell them upfront you are going to make them work so they don’t get discouraged thinking this is just an “easy class”.


An avid spinner you discouraged (but I forgive you)

The rest of the week was a wash trying to organize everything in my new job and my new lifestyle but Thursday I took advantage of new downtown office. A former colleague, and good friend of mine, was doing an AWESOME event to support The Salvation Army. He lived in a glass box for two days to raise money and awareness for the homeless.


Well I put in my headphones and started walking to where he was at, lets face it people I have a tendency to not pay attention to my surroundings when I’m in the zone. I made one wrong turn and literally walked to the opposite end of the city I needed to be at. Most people would be frustrated by this but I laughed it off and chalked it up to the Work Out Gods being pissed off at me for skipping out all week.

Today I leave to go visit my parents in South Carolina, the time of my flight allowed me to sleep in until 9, which I intended to take full advantage of. My new body clock had other ideas. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7 am. Believe me I tried to roll over and go back to sleep but that wasn’t happening. So turning a negative into a positive I got my butt up, got dressed and marched out into the snowy weather to go to spinning.



Yes this was a very long winded post and I promise to try to never do this you lovely people again but the moral of this whole story is the way you view things will make or break you. So be like Thomas Edison and instead of looking at things as you failing, look at it as you just found a way that wasn’t going to work but leads you to the right answer.

My goal for my long weekend is that I’m going to try to encourage my parents to do at least one active thing with me a day. Wish me luck!


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