“Never Say Goodbye”

With my trip to Florida (and a pit stop in Disney) right around the corner, I’m starting to freak out about not being prepared for my half. I’ve done half marathons with little training before but not this little.

Today I woke up at my parents house in South Carolina and they were out voting in the Primary election, so what better time to hit the pavement and check out their new plan?


My parents plan is very nice and FLAT!! They have little ponds through out the entire place and it’s so nice to look at all the houses and use them as a distraction. The first mile today was a pretty fast one for me I was shocked how good I felt but in order to keep that feeling I decided to slow the last two down.


When I was done I just walked around the block checking out the scene and thinking how absolutley wonderful it was to be able to run and walk outside in February in a Tshirt – repping my baby brudder’s old Clarion Ruby team of course.


One of the best ideas I ever had was leaving work out clothes and pair of running shoes at my parents house that way I didn’t have an excuse to not get up and do something with my day.


Now my goal for this trip was to try to have my family do at least on active thing a day, so after my run we went down to the Taste the Inlet festival at Murrells Inlet. We walked around the inlet checking out all the samples and loccal artwork.

I tried to snag a family pic but it’s hard when your dad hates to take pictures and your mom hates every picture you take. So here is what I got!


Here is where we circle back to my shameless mention of Disney and show off the adorable new shirt I got today for my trip!



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