Above Average

Sometimes it seems really hard to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Like this half I’m running in March I was so pumped and into my training but then life happened. Let’s face it life sometimes gets in the way of really freaking awesome plans but that doesn’t mean we give up on those goals we just have to adjust.

This morning I had planned to take spinning then try to get a 4 mile run in. I wasn’t feeling running this morning and that disappointed me until I realized that just because I felt like I was “slacking” on my planned workout didn’t mean I couldn’t kick ass at what I was doing!

So I set a short term goal for the next 45 minutes I was going to give it my all in this spinning class and try to get a 15K in. The distance on our bikes reads closer to Kilometers than Miles so that seemed realistic to me I typically get around 12 or 13 in a normal class so I just wanted a little more of a push.

I was really close to reaching my goal when it was time to start the cool down – but not for me I was so close to my goal I stayed with it until I was done!


Tomorrow is another day and I’m sure I’ll have another goal I’ll make but now I know that if I don’t make it happen it will be okay as long as I strive to be above average and devote myself entirely to what I am doing!

Next week is my last week on my normal schedule before it changes due to my new job. My hours are completely different and my work out will take a hit. I think I have an idea of how I’m going to switch up my routine but sticking to an early morning workout might be rough. I am just going to keep finding my motivation and stick with it!




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