Na’Maste … In Bed

As much as I wish I could take credit for the clever title of this post sadly I cannot. This is a print on a shirt I bought again from Charlotte Russe (told ya they have cute work out stuff).

Thursday is normally my day to do Pilates. Yesterday however it was wayyyyy to tempting to just stay in bed and sleep.


YASSSS adorable grey kitty!!! I feel ya!

I got up and dragged my butt out of bed took the Pilates class, and had my eyes opened to how bad I have neglecting the stretching part of my routine.


I have bad hips, knees, ankles, pretty much any joint on my body it shot so stretching is something that needs to be a very important part of my routine. I only have two weeks left of this routine before it all will be uprooted. I have accepted a new position at a new company with new hours and cue my anxiety about working out at night during peak gym times  with massive crowds.

So in my spin class today I asked my fellow spinners how the night classes were and if they fill up. They said the classes are fine it’s the gym itself that gets crazy. I’m not looking forward to that.

Here is my question to you lovely people – Keep in mind I’m not much of a morning person.

Should I bite the bullet and wake up early and fight less crowds at the gym or just suffer through mass crowds of people and my anxiety and go after work?


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