You Can’t Always See It

After my workout yesterday and seeing how well the waist trimmer was working I couldn’t wait to try it today in my spin class.  I’m weird and LOVE sweating during my work out, the more I sweat the happier I am. It makes me feel like I’m kicking some serious butt!  My favorite cliche quote is “I’m not sweating it’s just my fat crying” – must find that on a shirt BTW!

I got on my bike this morning for spin, had my waist trimmer on ready to get a killer work out in before work and then nothing, or at least what I saw was nothing.

We all are visual people if we don’t see results we get frustrated and it makes it hard to keep up with what we are doing. I am the same way!  I felt like I was sweating but I wasn’t seeing it like I did yesterday. Even though I know I was dripping not seeing it made me discouraged, I felt like I didn’t get everything out of my work out that I should have.

I continued on with my work out feeling sluggish until I picked up my shirt to wipe my face off ….. then I saw what I had been looking for.

** Spoiler Alert**  This is going to be a massive overshare and may be gross to some people … so if hard work and sweat aren’t your thing don’t scroll down.


My yoga pants were the same color as my shirt when I started after my work out they were soaked with my hard work!

Just because you can’t always see your progress doesn’t mean it isn’t there but, I bet you feel it. We need to start listening to our bodies more to how we feel versus how we look. But like I said before we are visual people so until we learn to trust ourselves my solution to needing the extra motivation is finding a cute saying on a shirt.


I wear motivational shirts to the gym so when I’m in front of a mirror, which lets face it gyms practically use that as wallpaper, I can read it and give myself a fun little pick me up.

So my goal for you today is – Do more of what makes YOU Happy!

Post below what makes you happy when you work out!


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