Sweating It Out To Work It Out

As you know I’ve been training for a half marathon coming up in March. Due to certain life circumstances that I have been going through this year my training has taken a back seat. So I am willing to try anything to give myself that extra boost in training.

Recently on a trip to 5 Below I discovered they are selling work out equipment, clothes and accessories. I know what you’re thinking “Kinda taking a risk with 5 below equipment” but couldn’t be more wrong! ‘Cause right there on the bottom shelf I found a solution to a massive training woe of mine.

One of the biggest things I have to account for when running in Florida is the possibility for excessive heat and humidity. Now here in Pittsburgh we have been experiencing some above average temperatures and I’m not complaining but it still isn’t enough to compete with that Florida heat.

That is where this little waist trimmer belt I bought comes in. Not to be confused with a waist trainer belt – because I am 100% against those I think they are so unnatural and couldn’t imaging how they could be good for your body! If you can’t think of what a waist trimmer belt looks like maybe the name sweat belt, sauna belt or waist slimmer rings a bell. If that still doesn’t jog your memory maybe this really attractive, sweaty and extremely flattering picture of myself will help ya out.


Today I only ran three miles but I ended up dripping more than I have with any half I have ever ran. This belt helped me keep my core temperature up so my body can get used to the fatigue I will be dealing with in Florida.

Best $5 I have ever spent! It just wipes right down when you’re done and is super comfortable too. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to move in it or that it would be awkward to run with but I didn’t have one problem.

Desperate times call for unique training measures – and it beats wrapping yourself in a garbage bag to sweat. Lets face is black may be slimming but light blue is totally my favorite color!



I wish this picture would have turned out better so you could see how drenched my shirt was but lets face it I took this picture so quick so that people wouldn’t see me and judge me for being “that girl” at the gym that I’m lucky I got my whole self in here and not the lady washing her hands beside me!

Which brings me to my question –

What training tricks do you use when it’s coming down to crunch time?


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