Runnin’ And Runnin’

Week two of half training and I still feel sluggish on my runs. How do I fix that – get myself a cool new gadget. The Pittsburgh Marathon has been pushing these little Milestone Pods. They fit right on your show and tracks everything about your run possible.

Naturally I was curious about them but very skeptical so what better way to find out than to test it yourself. Yesterday I ran 3 miles with a half mile cool down.


Tested out my new Milestone Pod and this sweet new tank top – picked it up at Rue21 – I know you were curious.  LOVED the tank top and surprisingly LOVED the Milestone Pod. Now it only registered I ran 2.88 miles when the treadmill tracked me at 3 – I know it’s not that far off but runners know that last .12 miles matter!


Luckily I learned through my running group Keep Calm and Run On that you can edit your distance to match other apps that have tracked it or the treadmill. This helps the pod learn more about your stride and stride distance to help better track your future runs.

If you haven’t tried the Milestone Pod you should get one! They are so cool and super easy to work! The hardest part was honestly syncing it to my phone – at least until I realized I was hitting to wrong button to sync but that is neither here nor there.

Now I know I’ve only used it once but already I have learned so much about my running style. I think this is exactly what I needed to help correct my form and get the most out of my runs.


Get ready folks I now have a whole new level of annoying running motivation to bug and pester you all with!



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