M.I.A. No Longer

With the New Year comes new resolutions and one of mine is to spend more time with the wonderful people in the world of blogging (lucky you) along with the usual, eat healthier, work out more, cookie cutter resolutions.

Last time we chit chatted I was on my way to Disney for the Wine and Dine Half, for those of you keeping score at home I was really excited about it! So excited I totally forgot to post about it after …. just kidding, but I honestly have my reasons for not posting until now.

The following statement pains me to my actual core as I am about to type words I never thought in my entire life I would, so I’m just going to do this real quick and rip the band -aid off so to speak ….

I was really disappointed with the Wine and Dine Half

… there I said it. It’s out there and I feel like  a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

After spending close to a year planning, dreaming and preparing myself for the greatness of the Wine and Dine Half it was just not my year for this race at really no fault of anyone but a series of unfortunate circumstances. A snowball effect if you will.

The night of the race we got to ESPN Wide World Of Sports as we all are heading to our corrals to start the race people started chattering about having to head inside due to the weather. It wasn’t even raining at this point so imagine my confusion and frustration attempting to fit thousands into buildings via small walk ways for a lightening delay when you could see no lightning.  I now can say I know what cattle feels like … and I would like to sympathize with the herding like cattle phrase it stinks!


The lightening strikes in the area  had the race  delayed … and delayed … and delayed.


After waiting for what felt like forever they told us we could FINALLY head to our corrals to start the Wine and Dine Half. On the trek back out to the corrals rumors starting going around that parts of the course had to be cut because they needed to open the roads back up to traffic and not all runners would be off the course in time.

RunDisney had to cut the race in half eliminating the run to, from and through the Animal Kingdom, which was one of the things I was looking forward to the most, but oh well life happens right!

Trying to be positive I figured it would just get me to the Food and Wine Festival After Party faster, and I’m not one to say no to wine …. or food.  It seems though that someone upstairs had other plans for me. My friend ran for a charity, which BTW she kicked butt fundraising for Team Save The Children (and they absolutely rock – check them out), some how her proof of time didn’t get registered and we had to start in the next to last corral.

Fine – another set back but whatever, or so I thought until we started running. Most people in the corral we started in were walkers which made it difficult for us to weave in and out of people as we attempted to run our half of a half. Other people must have had the same problem and were getting really frustrated some even yelling at other people – which is totally not cool BTW. I felt bad excusing myself every chance I got when I tried to wiggle through people but a girl can only do so much when the course would narrow.

So to those people I may have elbowed on accident or almost tripped over  – should this post find you – I am so sorry!

The pay off came running through Hollywood Studios in the last year for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. If running through that doesn’t give you holiday spirit or any kind of pick me up I’m convinced you are not a human being.


Once we got to the Food and Wine Festival the lines were soooooooo long because with the shortened course it didn’t spread runners and walkers out enough to scatter times and stagger crowds at the festival. I don’t mind long lines but I felt bad because the food pavilions were clearly not ready for that many people at one time like that. Not one but two different pavilions I stopped at ran out of what was on their menu and people had to wait upwards of an hour for turkey legs …. the horror!!!

At least I looked amazing killing the Food and Wine Festival game in the phenomenal Mommy/Daughter sewing project apron! (Thanks Mom love you!)


Yes, yes besides my adorable Ariel apron and matching hair bow the experience was terribly disappointing but my trip overall was AMAZING.

Will this one bad experience prevent me from signing up for another RunDisney race? Pshhhhh Please …  I still love RunDisney and running Disney races… I am already planning to do the Dopey Challenge in 2017! Sign up is in April – BTW – I suggest waiting by your computers for registration open.

I have my first half of 2016 coming up in March and I have every intention of keeping my resolution … the one of bringing you wonderful people along on my journey with me through my blog duh. So get ready people – Sarasota First Watch Half Marathon here I come!

Moral of the story and this post!!!! Don’t let one bad experience jade you to something you love! Disappointment is always going to be a part of life but it’s what you take away from it that makes it worth while!!!





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