The Highs and Lows of Running

Yesterday I ran the EQT 10 Miler and PRd by almost 15 minutes with a time of 1:47. The past two years I’ve finished around the 2 hour mark having to walk each year. The first year I broke my foot around mile 7 – it killed my time but I had no problem walking to that finish line to prevent further injury. Last year my training was lax so I had to listen to my body and walk.

I went into this race thinking I would stick with my friend, who has knee problems, I’d walk when she needed to walk or help her if she needed to stop.  But all runners know you can’t tell if you are going to have a good run or a bad one until well you’re actually running – how annoying is that?!? Once mile 4 hit  I was feeling too good to not give it my best. Alex understood that I needed to use it to my advantage for a training run, I run a half in two weeks. I lost here somewhere between mile 5 and the next water station.

Now I don’t know about you but when I run I very rarely go in with specific goals in mind – I’ll ball park a time I would like to finish or another goal like tackling a hill I know has given me problem sin the past. I’m not your typically runner I don’t obsess over times or splits I’m all about having fun. I take in the scenery look at my beautiful city from a perspective you don’t get normally.

Hands down my favorite thing to do during a race – wave and thank all the volunteers, police officers, spectators and first responders. I look at it as if they gave up their Sunday and probably had to wake up earlier than I did to stand here longer that I will be running to do something to help me it’s the least I can do! If you haven’t tried this during a race I highly recommend it and trust me it goes a long way for them and for you!


Admittedly I’m not the fastest runner. ^^ This is one of my favorite ways to describe the way I feel when I run but at least I run.  I am still proud of my accomplishments and my races but yesterday I had the chance to do something I never thought I would. I paced a woman in my running group but here is the kicker – it was my SLOW pace she needed! Thank you little legs and big bouncing booty for finally coming in handy! My friend Aubrey and member of Keep Calm and Run On (Whoop whoop) is training for an Ultra Marathon. For those of you like me who went what the hell is that – its a 50K aka 31 miles. Yeah she is insane but a bad ass at doing it.

She needed to practice reigning herself in and not going all out while running. I taught her my “Run Happily Ever After Motto” to enjoy the run, stop smell the roses, take a picture of a funny costume or sign you see but still kick butt! I was able to keep her at my pace and motivate her not to want to go all out. Crossing the finish line with her was awesome and something I’ve only done once (and it was a 5K) so this was really special.


I walked away from Sunday with a new PR and a great experience I was glad I could share not only with Aubrey but Cait and Alex.


So how do you celebrate finishing a race? The only way we know how with food and booze!

IMG_5701Cheers to yesterday and here’s to the next one up! The Disney Wine and Dine Half!


I can’t write this post with out mentioning the sad news surrounding the EQT 10 Miler. Yesterday a man arrested at the finish line and the could not save him so first things first – my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Also friends who knew him are organizing a benefit for his family I will try to keep details posted for those who would like to help support them! Second lessons need to be learned from this – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you don’t feel right there is no shame in slowing down or even walking – you know you body better than anyone so listen to it if you feel off PLEASE!


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