Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

This past weekend I ran in my 6th Half Marathon. It was rough let me tell you! My training had been slacking and I felt it after mile 9. Its my race season though so the next few weeks are full of running so I need to get back at it.  Waking up today the struggle was real but I kept telling myself I’ve put off going to the gym for long enough. The past few weeks I was really good at finding reasons not to go and sleep in instead of get my butt out of bed and get motivated.

Lucky for me this weekend I was reminded of why I started in the first place and I found my motivation!

I ran the Newport Liberty Half Marathon with two of my best friends. This was Amanda’s first half marathon after having her daughter and it was Alex’s first half ever! Amanda finished under the time she wanted and Alex and I struggled behind her (we bring up the rear with our wonderful old lady joints).


I was so excited for the scenery of this race I mean how can you not be motivated when running towards the Statue of Liberty right?!?!?!? WRONG – Kinda.  5 of the miles were through Liberty State Park however Liberty State Park is not 5 miles around so it was a lot of weaving and a lot of looking at the Statue of Liberty. Don’t get me wrong it was AWESOME at first but after 8 round about turns it kind of lost its magic. BUTTT it did offer wonderful photo ops likes this one!


Plus it’s hard not to run your ass off while looking at the New York City skyline blasting Jay-Z in your headphones … sing it with me now …New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do … Okay so that was Alicia Keys part but you get the picture.

FullSizeRender (2)

During our run we started chit chatting with a really nice man named Thomas it was his first half marathon and he was 41 years old. He told me that he knew he needed to change his life around and now he is in the best shape he has ever been in. I asked him how he found the motivation to do it and he told me simply just have to be stronger than your excuses. That stuck with me. It’s not the first time I ever hear that motivational mantra but it is the first time it actually resonated with me. It helped me finish this race (not a strong finish but a finish none the less) best part getting to cross the finish line with my friends with her little girl waiting for us!


This morning was my first opportunity to take my new friend Thomas’s words to heart. I set my alarm woke up drank my shake and thought I could easily go back to sleep – NO – gotta get up take Pilates and stretch out these sore legs.

I get to the gym, in my sandals thinking its a Pilates day, NOPE, wrong day that class in on Thursdays today is Tuesdays. Oh well no matter grabbed my shoes out of my car planning to take spinning instead. WRONG AGAIN- spinning was cancelled. So it became a quick cardio and arm day – with no music might I add – which is so not motivational. But it’s done now -and wanna know the best part? I FEEL AMAZING!

Thomas my man you were right if you can be stronger than your excuses you can kick butt and conquer anything! So tomorrow’s work out will be so much easier than today because everything that could go wrong went wrong and I still got it in!

So thank you to the stranger running through Liberty State Park with me Sunday – my work out today was dedicated to you! You inspired me and you don’t even know it but those reading this know it and I just wanted to thank you!



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