It Always Seems Like A Good Idea At The Time

There is no greater joy and excitement then finding a new race you can’t wait to try! That’s exactly how I felt with the BattleFrog race series. It looked awesome! I love the challenge of obstacles and combine that with running I’m all set for a great workout! The 8k 35 Navy Seal obstacle course delivered on the level of kick ass and ass kicking – it for sure didn’t disappoint!

You start off getting pumped up by a Navy Seal who sends you off with a speech about not giving up, helping others and digging deep within yourself and conquering the course. If you weren’t pumped up at the end of that speech I don’t know what does it for you.

Starting out I was nervous – admittedly I have ZERO upper body strength and know that is something for me to work on for next year. When we first walk up to the race course and this is what I see –


While this year I barely made it up the rope the rings to swing thought this beast next year I will tackle this! It’s all about setting goals because without goals what’s the point? If we aren’t trying to better ourselves everyday then why bother? Trust me there were plenty of things that scared the crap out of me on this race and shockingly I was more afraid of the things I thought I would kick butt at.

One obstacle was carrying a 50 pound sand bag up a hill – down a hill – through the mud (yes I got stuck multiple times) but the great thing was that so many people around me were willing to help me and make sure I completed this course. It was so motivating. *Note to self* start carrying around sand bags for a new work out.

While I was disappointed that the one part I was looking forward to the most, swimming through the water in the mines, had to be closed down due to cold temperatures – I found other things to peak my interests. Like this obstacle.


I have never had a fear of heights and I’m comfortable climbing things no problem! However this gave me the hardest time – about half way up my foot slipped and I found myself gripping these beams like it was the end of the world. I think that set a bit of panic through me and with out the help of one of the  two wonderful guys that we met half way through the course I don’t think I would have completed this. He talked me down and through this obstacle and made it really hit home the importance of teamwork! I’m thankful I had my friend by my side and those two strangers who -I know how sappy this will sound- we now can call friends. Not sure what I would have done with out them! All that hard work is so worth the bling.


Also my friend and I decided to sign up for ANOTHER cool new race that was the next day the 2 Face 10K – one 10k on the road with a short break before a 10k on the trails. It’ll be fun – we said. Let’s just do both – we said. While we completed both today my body wants to kick my butt. I don’t recommend back to back distance races without training it could lead to serious injury always listen to your body. Your support system has to be strong too because running is just as much mental as it is physical. I’m lucky enough to be part of an amazing running group with runners from all over the country. They are a great rock to have! ** Shout Out to My Keep Calm and Run On Peeps**


Even after completing BattleFrog the day before I would say the 2 Face 10K was hands down one of the hardest ones I’ve ever done. The transition from 10k road to 10k trail was hard and there was about a 30  minute gap between the finish of the first and the start of the second. Just enough time to really mess with your muscles.

The trail run was hard – the path was narrow so if the person in front of you decided they wanted to walk you had to walk – passing was almost not an option for the first two and a half miles. All that said the scenery was beautiful and really helped pass the time and take your mind off how much your legs were hurting. In my last post I talked about how working out or running with someone who is newer to the sport helps motivate you while you are motivating them. This race proved that to be 100% true for me! I couldn’t be more proud of my friend Alex she is new to running and kept up with me when I wanted to run even though I think she was ready to kill me she never complained! She dug deep found that mental toughness and powered through I give her so much credit for keeping me going with her willingness to make it to the finish.

IMG_5500I learned a lot this weekend –

Be Realistic –

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s okay to not sign up for a race if your schedule conflicts with it. There will always be other races or opportunities to get a cool medal or challenge yourself

Listen To Your Body –

There were times when Alex and I walked Sunday during the trail race – yes it was a little disappointing but my body needed it. There is no shame in walking, catching your breath, or letting your body take the break it needs.

Training Is Key –

I have been training for my half in September and crossing training – Alex doesn’t get the opportunity to as often as I do. She is a mother of two adorable boys that keep her moving! I wouldn’t have been able to make it as far as I did this weekend with out my training plans

Your Mental Game Needs To Be Strong –

Running is a mental sport! If you tell your body it can’t do something it will listen to you. While running there were plenty of times I wanted to stop and walk but I didn’t need to. I went through my mental checklist – hips feeling fine – knees feel fine – feet are moving – breathing isn’t labored – I’m FINE why would I even think about stopping? Getting your mind right is so key in this sport!

Now get out there no excuses and conquer your obstacles!


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