Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Human beings are creatures of habit, we like our routines and what is familiar.  Thing is though work outs are not supposed to be routine or familiar. We tend to get too comfortable and our fitness suffers or plateaus. I’ll admit it I’m one of the worst offenders of habit and routine.

I take spinning 3 times a week- yes each class is different but I typically have the same instructor. Don’t get me wrong she is amazing I love her and she kicks my butt, but today I had an instructor who was new to me.  People who say “routine is the enemy” sure are right! I was so skeptical at first about this new instructor – the first few songs and instruction she gave I felt didn’t really mesh with the work out I was looking for. Glad I stuck it out though because it was one of the best classes I have had in a while.

New and different doesn’t always mean bad – yes it can be scary or uncomfortable but it will be totally worth it in the end.  After class I took a second look at the schedule of classes they offer at my gym and plan on starting to take at least one different class every week. I have a lake with a 5 mile loop around it and a pool area with a 2 mile loop pretty much in my back yard that I want start utilizing. Biking around the lake a few times instead of a spinning class one morning could be cool and running on the road is something I need to start once it gets a little cooler.

If you are hitting a rut in your work outs or not seeing results like you were when you first started those are key signs you need a change.  Here are some of my tips for breaking out of your comfort zone:

Switch It Up

Either take a new class, swap one for another or change the instructor.  You are still getting the work out but the small variations will make a huge difference. It helps you from getting bored or making your work out feel like a chore.

Take It Outside

My first triathlon I made many rookie mistakes – my biggest mistake not biking the trails and thinking spinning would be enough. Same goes for people who train for a race on just a treadmill. I know it sounds strange but moving your work outs to outside will help! The fresh air, different atmosphere make it fun takes the blah gym routine feeling away and really pumps you up. Plus you will work different muscles even doing something as relaxing as yoga

Recruit A Friend

I love bringing someone new to the gym with me! They bring a unique twist to work outs and forces you to try something different. It may be a new exercise, a different form than you use or just the extra motivation having someone there brings! Even if  you bring someone who doesn’t work out it will help you! I have found when I bring my gym newbie friends pushing them to their goals motivates me to work harder towards mine.

Jump Right In

Breaking a routine means you have to break out of your comfort zone. The same rules apply now as when we are kids don’t ease into the cold pool just jump right in! Your body will adjust and you will feel so much better after you did!

Make It Fun

You may have noticed a theme in all my other tips – keeping your work outs fun and excited will help from making it feel like a chore and resenting waking up to get it done.  Leaving your comfort zone and always trying someone new will benefit you mind, body and soul!

Always Remember – It’s not about being the best today it’s just about being better than the person you were yesterday!


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