Double Digits!!

It’s official ladies and gents my favorite Racecation of the year countdown is finally in the double digits. In 99 days I will be running through the happiest place on earth with my best friend!


Ain’t she pretty!! How could you not be excited about running through the parks at night with your BFF or as I like to call her my sister from another mister.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of running a RunDisney race let me tell you it is hands down a bucket list race that should be on everyone’s list.  I mean where else do you get to run through the parks and have opportunities to get pictures like this?!?


Let’s face it people we don’t all run because we really like running – we run for the bling and the cool stuff that comes along with it and let me tell you Disney doesn’t disappoint with the bling or cool stuff.

I am a HUGE Disney fan and these races have been something I look forward to for the whole year planning the trip! I ran my first half marathon in Disney January 2013 and it rocked! I couldn’t wait to go back so in 2014 I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon and Enchanted 10K – Glass Slipper Challenge and this year I will run the Wine and Dine in November (99 Days ICYMI)!

My training hasn’t been the best but I need to kick it into high gear to get ready for this race – you run at night through the parks and finish in Epcot at a private party in the Food and Wine Festival. Also being a HUGE fan of Food and Wine I’m all about this party!

Seeing my countdown today being 99 Days really brought into perspective how NOT ready I am – sad fact is I have another half a month and a half before Disney – so I really need to get my rear in gear. I have my own motivation techniques like – rewarding myself with something I want after a long run, or not allowing myself to hit up that happy hour after work if I don’t get my run in. What I found works the best is having someone to run with. My BFF who I will be running with in September and November left me and moved to New Jersey – how dare she find the man of her dreams, get married and start a beautiful family! KIDDING I love her, love him and their adorable baby girl (who I’m also converting to a Disney fan sorry I’m not sorry Dennis).

Today I found a woman in my running group on Facebook – Keep Calm & Run On – who lives in my area and is around the same pace as me who also was struggling getting her long runs in. So we are teaming up and going to tackle those awful long runs together! Strength in numbers right?

So wish us luck and here’s to hoping this keeps me honest for the next 99 Days. If not I have this blog and those who read it to call my lazy butt out – thank God for small miracles.

If you are struggling with your training – I feel you – we’ve all been there but get out and do it! You will feel so much better after you do. Unless its like your 12 mile run – then you will probably be a little sore but you will feel like a champion!

My BFF is running the Wine and Dine Half for a wonderful charity #TeamSaveTheChildren check out her fundraising page and help fill some child’s life with Disney Magic!


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