Remind me again why taking a break was a good idea …

I recently moved into a new apartment that I am in LOVE with! However the moving process is in fact a process and left very little of my time for anything else – so I took a week off from the gym. I know, how dare you take a week off in the middle of training for a half marathon blah blah blah. Fear not I’m back at it and boy does it suck!

For some who is not a morning person the getting up super early before work to work out should be the hardest part but much to my surprise that was the easiest thing for me to do! The hardest part – running. I went from 6 miles being an easy run to struggling to get through 3 and boy is that depressing.

What saves my life though is cross training – thank the Lord above for spinning classes they keep me sane. But with every bit of sanity comes a moment of insanity and boy did I have one yesterday.

Fun fact about me – I like my space especially around strangers.Even more so when I’m sweaty, gross, and sleep deprived around strangers. So when I am choosing my bike in spinning class I make a conscious effort to find one that has the most open bikes around it so if someone wants a bike in that general vicinity they can leave space (a bike or so) between us. You know being courteous, proper gym etiquette an unwritten rule of spinning alone. I”m warming up getting the legs feeling good until about 2 minutes before class starts a woman walks in and takes the bike right next to mine. I was the only person in this row of about 20 bikes – and she has to pick the bike right next to me?  I brush it off cause let’s face it I’ll survive with a little discomfort but what really teetered me to discomfort, the need she felt to have a conversation with me during class.

I (like most people) use my spinning class as my good morning wake up call, using the time to clear my head and just relax while kicking some serious butt! So I’m trying to push myself to the limits, sometimes its hard to catch your breath and the lady next to me wants to carry on a conversation. REALLY?!?! This means either one of two things – 1) I need to shake her hand when class is over because her cardio training is so intense she just whooped my butt or 2) She needs to learn what the gear control on her bike is for and crank it up! She’s telling me her life story and all I want to do is scream “Listen lady I’m dripping sweat and can barely breathe do you really think now is the best time to tell me about you diabetic cat and a tick it brought into your house?” No worries I’m not that heartless – after class I asked if her cat was okay and turns out is wasn’t even a tick so kitty and owner are fine.

Another fun fact about me – I am AMAZING at getting side tracked. So, Uh, Yeah – Ahem.

In September I’m running my 6th half marathon with my best friend in New Jersey – I’m using my blog to help keep me accountable with my training, give you wonderful people the chance to learn from my mistakes that I will inevitably make ( like taking a week off in the middle of training) and humbly run brag about my amazing racecations.

Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to be better than today and today is a chance to be better than yesterday. As long as I am improving I’m happy and I’m sure my training will come back into full swing.  Stay tuned folks this could get interesting


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