Here’s Why YOU Hate My 13.1 Bumper Sticker

I rarely read things that move me to anger, but when I do it typically involves two things either animal cruelty or someone judging those who live an active lifestyle. Spoiler alert!!! This rant is about the latter.

Today I read a post titled “Why We All Hate Your 13.1 Bumper Sticker”. I’ll begin this by saying the generalizations you have made in the title of your post alone I should have known that would follow in the post.

First of all who is ALL? You and that crowd in your pocket? The post was not written or contributed to by multiple people so how can you say we all? I would have more respect for your opinion if you would own up that it is YOUR opinion and not that of ALL of those around you.

Anyway now that this out of the way I can write this from the perspective of someone who was at one point confused by the purpose of the 13.1 bumper sticker craze turned half marathon runner. Let me let you in on MY opinion of the 13.1 sticker.

While I realized the title of this post should really be – Here’s Why YOU hate my (metaphorical) 13.1 bumper sticker, because while I have ran multiple half marathons I don’t have the sticker on my car but that is MY choice! Just like it is YOUR choice to put one on your car or to not like the sticker someone puts on their car. It doesn’t give you the right to judge and ridicule them.

I would assume, and I may be wrong in saying this, that the person who wrote the blog post is not a runner and probably does not like even the idea of going on a run. I used to be a similar person so I can relate to where the statements made in the post that it makes runners seem like “braggers”.

Before I started running I despised the thought of it! Honestly just the thought of having to run even the smallest little bit made me sick. One day I decided to change my lifestyle and find something that I hated and focus my energy on that to get me through a rough patch, so I ran. I got on the treadmill and slowly but surely I started running. I will never forget the feeling of accomplishment I had when I ran 30 minutes for my first time with out being tired or complaining. It ROCKED!

January 2013 – I ran my first half marathon, in the happiest place on earth, Disney World. It was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever had! Not going to lie, I cried, multiple times, and like a baby through out the race. To see the people lining the running route cheering on perfect strangers, having other runners encourage you to finish the race, and nothing compares to crossing that finish line!

Like I said earlier it’s not bragging it’s a sense of accomplishment that you pushed your body further than you ever thought you could and you survived! It’s the same as having a my child is an honor student bumper sticker. The parent is not saying your child is stupid because they didn’t make the honor role, they are just proud of their child’s accomplishments.

However what really made me ponder his feelings was the statement saying he had stickers on his car celebrating things he likes to do and it was fine. Isn’t that the same thing someone who puts the 13.1 bumper sticker on their car is doing? Celebrating things they like to do? I guess because it is not something you like to do or understand it must be something everyone hates.

My wish for the blog writer is that they are lucky enough to find something they care about and experience the high of emotions doing something that runners get to experience every time they cross that finish line.

Kathrine Switzer said, “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon”. I suggest you take her advice and then tell me how you feel about someone’s 13.1 sticker then.



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